Opinionated Perspective with Jennifer Williams

3 May

JR- Now there is some legislation going around about a food stamp diet. The intention of making people eat healthier. Well I just don’t see how you can change a system when plenty of people are probably already healthy. That is a small percentage of recipients that probably get fat because of food stamps. But if there is a waste issue, cut everybody a bit when you cut the income taxes.

JW- People on food stamps who get fat, would be fat regardless. Food stamps do not change (for better or worse) the way people feed themselves. You can’t legislate “healthy” (ask Bloomberg how that’s working!).

We have been financially burdened in the past, and received food stamps for a number of months. I made sure we ate the same healthy and responsible diet that we did when we paid cash. It was a conscious effort to maintain my family’s health and responsibly use the benefits we taxpayers provide others. The only difference was we had to be more creative to stretch our benefits.

Fresh vegetables (plant your own–you can buy seeds with food stamps, too), brown rice, fish (you can catch these yourself, duh!), eggs, and beans are much less expensive than processed foods, “hamburger helpers”, and frozen dinners. And iced tea w/ lemon (made from tea bags, not the canned stuff) is a cheap and healthy alternative to soda pops.

JR- Teach healthy guidelines but give them the freedom of choice just like they should implement school choice for people who want that as a freedom.

Absolutely! Empowerment through education (not indoctrination), and encourage personal responsibility (not enslave through legislation). I don’t know why that is so hard (well, I *know* why some in gov’t do what they do, but *we* as society need to stop putting up with this).

I really think restriction on food stamp purchases really is a type of racism and elite, predjudicial thought. It’s kind of like: You’re too “stupid” to make money to pay for food? Then you must be too “stupid” to make your own food choices. The government is here to save you from your stupid self.

JR- Bottom line is that the Government needs to get their hands off our lives. We can make decisions for ourselves. We can believe in what we believe in without unfair judgement. This is just another attempt to strip liberties for no major benefit. Work on lowering food prices or something that will truly benefit us all.


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  1. Rufus May 3, 2013 at 4:42 pm #

    Nice read

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