Rebuilding American Values

25 Jun

No”Right” or “left”.
Just people who believe in America. The Dream. Coast to Coast. North to South. Celebrate Our  Heritage.

Stop the abuse of Power! Everyone can take back a little bit of actual Freedom by erasing regulations and reforming taxes. Using some of Our own fuel(keystone). Lower every public officer’s pay. $10,500 for ei.(WI) so much more than partisan.

Trade in food stamps for REAL jobs. We are to fat anyway. Stop Monsanto from poisoning us. Water filters for free to eliminate  fluoride. Shut down EPA. Global warming is a proven hoax.

Morals of many of us is where the critical change must happen. The Constitution is needed so people know their rights and The rights of government.
Also Spirituality is not a bad thing. We tend to forget what great we can do from within. We living so fast.


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